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A Genuine, Made-In-America Hot Tub

Our Strong hot tubs are made by a team of experts at the manufacturing plant in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. That's right, we don't assemble our spas in the USA, but we build them from the ground up right here!

By buying American, you're investing in the reassurance of a quality product that meets strict consumer and environmental standards. Other countries produce mass quantities without the guidance of quality and labor laws. In addition, your purchase of a Strong Spa supports our American workers and boosts the economy.

Clean and Green Hot Tub Standards

Strong Spa's use of the latest technologies and materials also helps us comply with and exceed green standards. Our processes are clean and release zero CFCs or harmful toxins, such as Styrene and fiberglass, into the atmosphere. Not only is this important to our enviromental footprint, but to the safety of our workers as well. Many of our spas are thermally efficient, retaining and reusing heat to save you energy costs and excess waste.

In the pictures below, you can see the premium features such as the Titan hard cover, towel warmer and flip-down step. These are exclusive to Strong Spa’s, showing their commitment to practical innovation.

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